I am excited that I was able to create an infographic resume to use during the recruitment process. It is important that I make myself stand out above the thousands of candidates for each position. The infographic puts all the pertinent information in an easy to read form. I will also teach my wife how to make an infographic resume, as we are looking to bring our talents to a new school. We already have our own simple website; however, the Google site will enable us to better catalogue what we do and share it with the world.

I chose to use Venngage to create my infographic. It is very simple to use, much like Canva or Piktochart. I have experience using Canva to make displays, but I just wanted to try something different. The only thing that is a turn off is the price. To download my infographics I will have to pay $19 a month, which seems quite steep.  

What I struggled with was what to put on the infographic. It was daunting to think about how to break down everything I have done into such a small space…and make it visually appealing…and easy to read. Building on what I have learned about visual literacy and creating presentations, I tried to remove distractions and focus on important information. It was like a puzzle trying to piece everything together the way I liked. There were so many text boxes to move around! It definitely took time to get it just right.

Brian’s Google Site