I am one of those teachers who always has students create videos to show their learning. Read about one lesson here. I just love the way these videos showcase their creativity. However, digital storytelling does not always need to be so complex. I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast with my class and even met with our Tech Integration Coach to discuss the details. But it wasn’t until he roped me into producing a teacher podcast with him that I realized how simple it truly is to make one. 

Producing podcasts is an important way to create an authentic audience for students. No longer will teachers hear, “UHHHH, why are we doing this?” And if they do, the answer will be simple: “To share with the world.” Now that I know how easy they are to create, I am planning on students publishing their memoirs as podcasts. I am also on the agenda for our next grade level planning meeting to show colleagues how to use anchor.fm so we can integrate them into upcoming units of inquiry.

My debut podcast was actually created with Podomatic, basically involves clicking record and speaking into a microphone. Students and even the most tech-afraid teachers can do that. 

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